I still trust you Lord

Back in 2011 the Isaacs sang a song “I still trust you Lord”. The song is still one of my favorite songs. A singer at my church sings it form time to time. He actually does a better job than the Isaacs. When he sings it I watch the church and think about the people who are rejoicing. Some are young Christians. I think back to when I was a young Christian and I would have rejoiced during this song, because I had trusted Jesus as savior. Some have been a child of God a few years. They rejoice because they have been through a few things and they still trust Jesus. But some are rejoicing who have been in the battle for tens of years. The are rejoicing because they STILL trust Jesus.

I am a sixty-one year old Pastor. I have been saved fifty-three years. I have been pastoring for thirty-six years. I have thought about quitting a few times. I am not proud of the thoughts of quitting entering my mind. They were there. Without them my song would be I trust you Lord. Those moments of confusion makes the title correct. I STILL trust you Lord.

If you are in one of those bad places. Say the words I still trust you Lord, even if you don’t believe them. Keep saying them until you do believe them. If God deserves anything it is our trust. He is still God and I still trust him.

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