Some things never change

My generation has seen many changes. Some for the good, some for the bad. Some things are easier now than it was when I was a kid. Some are much harder now. Many in the older generation now have nick names for the younger generation. I read a nick name for the younger generation on Facebook the other day it was snowflake. There are many in my generation that think the church is doomed because of the younger generation.

One thing has not changed. That is every generation has said everything in the first paragraph about every younger generation. My dad said all that about my generation except the nick name was "beautiful people". My grandfather said all that about my dad's generation except the nickname was "Bumpkins".

The church has nothing to fear from this generation. Some of you are thinking Pastor these kids just don't have what it takes. Your dad thought the same thing about you. You know what, your dad was right and so are you. My generation did't have what it took to keep the church going, God did. This generation will not keep the church going, God will. Matthew 16:18 says "..on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". Take a breath, without Jesus none of us have a chance.

Let me discuss a theory I have. Every generation has its own learning curve. For my generation we learned a lot on the baseball field. There was two leagues 12 and under and 13 and up. I started plating at 7. Yes I played with the 12 year old's. I set on the bench for two years. I practiced as hard and every time the others did but I didn't get into one game. At age 9 I started to get to play. There were 11 year old's who didn't get to play. When I was 10 I started and played every game till the game was decided. Oh yes I forgot to say we keep score. Someone lost and won every game.

I learned many lesson on the baseball field. One was life is not fair. At 8 I practiced as hard as anyone and I didn't get into a game. I learned if you were one of the nine best players you got to play. I learned how to lose and hold my head up. I learned if you won the league you got a trophy and no one else did. I also learned hard work eventually paid off.

This generation didn't learn these lessons when I did. But they will learn them. They will learn them all just a little latter than I did. Its not their fault. My generation made stupid rules like we will not keep score, everyone gets a trophy and everyone bat's. Dumb on our part. They will learn. They don't have a choice because life is still not fair. You still win or lose. And hard work still eventually pays off.

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