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I use proceeds from my wood-turning items to support our mission work in Jamaica. Please visit our Instagram site to see items that I turn. If you would like to buy an item please email me at,

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Woodturning Facebook

How to order hand made items

Go to my Instagram site and look at the different items. Think about the type of wood you like best, such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple or Poplar. Think about the size you want. Pens can be fat or skinny. Bowls can run from jewelry bowls to salad bowls.

Then email me what you want. I will give you a price. If you agree I will start your item. I sell things for $15 to $150. It is away to get a unique gift and your money goes to a good cause. I assure you your gift is unique the hardest thing I have ever done on a lathe is try to make two things identical.

Remember all items made of wood are subject to change shapes when moved from one location to another. It is due to humidity changes. This movement can cause cracks. The chance of these changes are worth the beauty we get from real wood.  You can buy a plastic bowl much cheaper at Walmart that will not change. It is ugly when you buy it and it will stay ugly.